Waffle New

Session #6 - New Beginnings with Samuel L Jackson
Common Motherf*cker, do you speak it?

Characters In Attendance
Corky – Gynger
Mac – Gimble
Bob – Jim
Jason – Rohgar
Andie – Medliniel & Grochan
JP – Alatar

Date of Session – 7/1/2018
Date In-Game – Nightal 19, 1487 DR – The adventure began on Nightal 9, 1487 DR

Recap Summary
The party went to find Markham Southwell in Bryn Shander in Ten-towns to deliver the news of Semile Southwell’s death during the giant attack on Nightstone. Boarding Zephyros’ flying castle, they took a ten day journey to deliver the news in hopes also find out more about what’s been going on with these giant attacks and the Ordning. Zephyros told them that in many castings of the spell Contact Other Plane. He has learned that the group is mentioned by higher beings as the ones who could restore the Ordning. So he takes them to a location of their choice as “that is the extent of his involvement”.

The party arrived in Bryn Shander and met with the Sheriff of the settlement Markham and deliver the news. He took this kinda hard but still offered to help the party as they settled.

Days later, an attack happened on Bryn Shander by 12 frost giants being led by one named Drufi. Demanding that Artus Cimber be released to her as well as the Ring of Winter. A fight broke out and the giants were slain by the party and some affiliates. Close calls were had by incoming boulders that would drop on different members of the party but luckily, no one suffered a loss of life.

So now the party is left with a name and the name of an item…The Ring of Winter. With the surviving people of the town, a list of things for them to investigate and do for rewards and coin are about to be presented.

And so we go.

Session #3 - Howl's Moving Castle?

After freeing the captured villagers, the party faced off against Hark and his band of goblins to rid his menace of Nightstone. With his defeat, they came across his treasure hoard and rummaged through his minions' possessions, making a good chunk of change. With the cave now seemingly empty of goblin threat, they continued their exploration of the rest of the Dripping Caves. 

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